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Here & Now

Sincere Thanks to all my friends and relatives for the kindness, support, and prayers during this phase of losing my mother.

As we all face the music of every phase of life, I learned the following in the last two weeks and sharing it here.

1. The experience and realization that Time and Truth are the strongest forces that drag all life from the Unknown back to the same Unknown.

2. These silent and most powerful, eternal, all-pervading forces of Truth and Time are called Dharma.

3. The collective accounts of the journey of Atma within a tiny segment (one’s Life) of Time and Truth are called Karma.

4. So, in this tiny time frame of life, the Value/ Service that we offer to the world outside us and the sense of “Flow” / Calm/ Shanti we generate inside us is the real + essential purpose of life.


Life’s purpose is to Generate Flow inside us and Provide Value outside us.
That would be the best way to spend the time we have here and now.

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